Git 内部存储机制深入解析 – 演讲稿

这次在上海的会议上对 Git 的内部存储和机制做了一个演讲,但是录的视频有点短,选了两段代表我对 Git 一些机制理解的视频。如果有问题,请在 Slide 中进行评论讨论。

演讲的原始 PPT 已经共享在 Google Slide ,因为现场是 4:3 的比例,会议方做了重构,造成一些文字看不清楚

对 Git Commit Object 的理解
对 Tag 和 Branch 的理解

DevOps Is Philosophy

DevOps is an operational philosophy that promotes better communication between development and operations as more elements of operations become programmable.

DevOps is philosophy, and it’s invisible. But it is like the soul through our work, either development, operation, testing even marketing or business. There are no rules in DevOps, no definition in DevOps and no right or wrong in DevOps. You would do DevOps in your way, I do it in my way.

You would do DevOps in your way. I do it in my way.